Feature: Seriously Social Crafts with Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey of ‘Serious About Social’ is an incredibly supportive and kind woman who prides herself on providing advice and support to small business owners. The website focuses on opening up opportunities, sharing advice, content ideas and on business topics and business growth.

Serious About Social ‘ for ladies who love arts and crafts’ is focused on sharing “crafty biz tips”. Running a craft based business has become very popular in the past few years. More people are now able to turn their crafting hobbies into profitable businesses. With such a saturated market, and so many options finding your voice in the mass can be a difficult task. Most small craft businesses begin through social media, most commonly Facebook. They join groups, start networking and growing their business.

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Social media is a great tool for any business and is the reason so many people are now able to start. This route is low start up cost with large audience access, but the training behind business start-up and social media management is not such easy access. Many people are now starting their businesses without prior knowledge, advice and support systems. While this approach can and does work, it’s a much harder venture than those with full support and background knowledge. The problem with business start-up is no matter the venture; there will be a range of skills required. No one individual can be good at everything, although will training and support it is possible to become sufficient in all aspects required for most small businesses.

When starting or growing a business it can be difficult to find the support and advice that’s needed. Laura’s mission is to help more craft business start-ups reach their goals and succeed by bringing this support and advice to all.

While the website is currently a small venture, Laura has great plans, hoping for Serious About Social to eventually become the one stop spot for ‘ladies looking for craft advice, ideas on craft techniques and details about craft shows etc.’ Aiming to grow a community of women to support each other; Laura plans to always be in the background, able to offer advice and support where needed. Serious about Social has recently begun taking off and is undergoing changes such as a new website to bring even more support to small businesses. With so many great resources for small craft businesses, it will be fantastic to see the growth of Serious About Social.

Laura’s dedication to small crafting business success is an inspiration. Providing opportunities as well as support to all small business owners she meets, Laura takes great care and dedication with every task. I have never met a friendlier, more supportive individual and I know that anything I need, Laura is always happy to chat, advise and support where possible- as I’m sure she is and would be for any small business owner.

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Continue reading as Laura shares her story of how she came to run Serious about Social:


The idea of being self-employed wasn’t one that had crossed my mind. I had worked quite happily in the corporate sector for 16 years but following a bout of illness and eventually being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and inflammatory arthritis, the stress of the job began to take its toll on my health and I realised the sensible option was to opt for voluntary redundancy.

Over coffee one day a close friend of mine (who also owned her own marketing business) told me that a course was starting in my home town which was aimed at helping people to start a business. She suggested I go along and give it a try.

From day 2 of the course there was no turning back, I had no idea what I wanted to do but I was hooked on the thought of being my own boss. For the first time in years, I finally felt like me again and I had passion and drive.

I began to manage social media pages on behalf of clients (from small businesses to corporate); I loved the flexibility of being my own boss. I was able to work around my small children and earn money for the family. Probably, most importantly for me, I was able to get my strength back, adopt a positive attitude and fight the Fibromyalgia head on which I continue to successfully manage.

An opportunity presented itself for me to travel around the country and co-run courses to help people from all backgrounds become self-employed. I absolutely LOVED this “job” and am so proud to have been able to support others in the same way that I was supported.

It was a mixture of managing social media accounts and coaching others which led me to create Serious about Social. I was having a coffee with my friend Paula (The same friend as mentioned above) and I was pouring my heart out to her that I was struggling to find my “niche” because I loved coaching but I love social media management too. She said “Why don’t you work with ladies who love to craft and need help running their businesses?” She had struck gold with this comment! Both Paula and I had previously managed a large client who organised craft exhibitions and we loved it.

I have huge aspirations for my business, but I have to remind myself Rome wasn’t built in a day! It is better to take my time and do things step by step that rush into things and crash and burn (something I’ve been guilty of in the past!).

So if you need support creating or building your business then just pop onto my social media pages and ping me. I love meeting new people and nothing makes me happier than seeing ladies reach their goals.

I’m always on the lookout for lovely ladies to blog for me. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but my goal is to create a community where craft ladies can support each other with anything. Whether that is craft related or business related. Your blog can be about your business or simply the trials and tribulations of running a business whilst at the same time living your life and having to manage other things such as raising children or holding down another job etc or caring for someone etc. If you would like to have a go, contact me and let me know!

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If you own a small business or think you may like to try a venture like this I would highly recommend having a chat with Laura and checking out Laura Bailey- Serious about Social or find them on Facebook.


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