Feature: A Pinch of Fairy Dust with Emma Nightingale

Emma from Fairy Dust is all about all things glittery. While some may not agree, I do believe there can never be too much sparkle, and clearly Emma follows this motto. In business, especially a handmade or craft business, there has to be at least a little bit of ‘sparkle’. Fairy dust seems to have a never ending supply of sparkle, and that’s not just the glitter.




In 2015 Emma went on maternity leave from her sales assistant job at co-op. With free time while on leave, Emma put her creative personality to use. Stuck with the common conundrum of what to buy for someone who already has everything, Emma turned to creating to solve her problem. As she started researching the crafting world for handmade gift ideas, Emma realised the scale of the crafting world and crafting options that she had previously been unaware of.

First creating a football frame for her dad, a frame for her new born daughter shortly followed. Having loved the process, initially Emma was happy creating these products as a hobby despite her family’s words of encouragement that she could go into business. At the end of her maternity leave Emma decided to give it a shot. Owning a business would mean being able to stay at home with her daughter, and so fairy dust began.




Fairy dust started with personalised gifts and grew through a lot of hard work and networking in the beginning. Now fairy dust have over 1500 likes on Facebook and a staggering 31 reviews, all 5* which I am sure will continue to flourish.

Back in December 2016 I first came across Fairy Dust when searching for a bespoke 21st gift. At my request, Emma created a gorgeously glittery mug personalised with a message for my friend. I could not have asked for a better company to buy from. Emma was flexible with colours and designs while being friendly and incredibly quick throughout the process, and the best bit about it…it didn’t break the bank! It’s not always easy to find a company these days that cares about customer service, creates something beautiful and of high quality while being affordable.






Now with 2 years of personalised gift creation behind them, Fairy dust have started offering a new bespoke service…

This new option offered through Fairy Dust came to light through their own necessity. Undertaking a rebrand, Emma invested in a new logo but as it came to finding business stationery she found herself at a loss. Unable to find what was needed, Emma decided to create her own- custom cut and hot foiled. This led to Emma supplying other small businesses with stationery. Now 4 weeks into offering this new service, the interest is flourishing with the option becoming especially popular. Jumping straight in, investing in machinery and materials needed for this new task, Emma is learning new tricks as she goes even now- not that you’d ever know from her work.




Receiving samples this morning, I was taken aback at the quality and prettiness of the work. From stickers to notecards and save the date cards, each one was of high quality both in the product itself and the added hot-foiled sparkle. Not only was Emma kind enough to share samples with me so I could see the quality before writing about her work, but the package arrived covered in beautiful sparkly stickers and notes.

While almost all of Fairy Dust’s products and packaging come in glittery designs, it’s Emma’s attitude, attention to detail and caring approach that gives fairy dust a true sparkle. Customer service is so often lacking nowadays in large corporations, and surprisingly even in small businesses. The key to success is having happy customers, which is best achieved with great customer service. So why not follow suite add a pinch of fairy dust (actual glitter optional) to your business.



To check out Fairy Dust and see their amazing products or have a chat with Emma you can find them here:



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