Feature: Stitching a path with Alexandra of Bagel Face

Alexandra had a series of potential career paths open to her as she left University in 2015. It seems like the perfect position, how can having so many career paths possibly be a bad thing? There are people out there who by 21 still have no idea what path they’d like to take or could possibly have as an option. Alexandra was lucky, with a degree in 3D design behind her, and a specialist focus of interior design it seemed a clear path. However, Alexandra had always loved to be creative, whether drawing, painting or making things she was happy.

Bagle Face2

With the passion and qualifications she held for interior design, this is the path Alexandra found herself taking to begin with. Under 1-month contracts, Alexandra worked on set design at a huge cultural festival in Abu dhabi for 2 years.

Having had a love of crochet since she was first taught, while studying at University Alexandra started crocheting, designing and making items such as crop tops, bralets and bikinis to sell online. These quickly became very popular, and so the range expanded! Adding baby accessories and clothing, blankets, cushions and more to the range, the popularity of Alexandra’s goods only grew.

Bagle Face 6

While Alexandra loved the interior design world, from her studies to the jobs in Abu dhabi, her real love was working hands on. The designing and making was where Alexandra found her real interest lay, and while making props in Abu dhabi was hands on as a prop stylist, most interior design work is drawing and computer aided design visuals. Crochet allowed Alexandra to be creative in a hands-on manner while producing something unique that people loved. Having noticed that most crochet makes tend to follow the traditional, old-fashioned style; the sort that your grandma would make for you as a child, Alexandra had also found a gap in the market using this old fashioned technique to create modern style goods.

Bagle Face3

Having spent time juggling part time work in retail, internships, freelance jobs such as the Abu dhabi job and a Selfridges campaign, while also crocheting Alexandra finally decided ‘I had nothing to lose in starting up my own business!’ Months were spent researching, making different products and trying new techniques. Starting with making lots of gifts for friends and family, Alexandra spent time testing the market and trialling designs before officially going to market. Once comfortable with the products and the level of feedback being received Alexandra took to Social media, opening up an Etsy, Facebook, Instagram and Depop (which is where she began selling during university). Now with some stock in a small shop in Runcorn, while in discussions with other potential stockists, Bagel Face is swiftly expanding.

Bagle Face 5

Alexandra left her retail position last year after having worked there for 3 years through uni. Excited at the prospect of being able to leave retail and work full time at Bagel Face, Alexandra skipped out of there on her final day!


Alexandra was faced with a series of career path options as she graduated from University. Faced with so many options it can be difficult to decide what should be the correct path to take. Alexandra has found her passion and created a wonderful career, which allows her to incorporate her various loves through freelance work alongside the business. If you look hard enough and are willing to work for your passion, it is possible to create a career you love and allows you to work within all your aspirations.


Bagle Face 1

Find Bagel Face on Facebook  ,  Instagram or Etsy



Wondering where the name Bagel Face came from? So was I so don’t worry…I asked for you!

“Bagel is my nickname a lot of family members call me that and have done for years, I get bagel/little bagel/bagel brain/bagel face.. If just seemed appropriate and like you say it’s pretty unique!”

But why that nickname?

“To be honest I’m not really sure! There’s a group of us that are a similar age so we all have quite funky nicknames for each other!”


How fantastic is that! We love a business with such a wonderfully fun and unique name, and the explanation behind it is just even better!


Bagle Face 4


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