You’re gonna be okay

I love running my own business, being a designer, a creator, a maker and entrepreneur. Having days when i’m a social media manager, an event organiser or promoter. Days when i’m an illustrator, a letterer or a pattern designer.

But not every day are tasks I love or a fun new challenge. Some days are just down right difficult.

Today for example has been one of those days. It’s just been one of those days full stop. One where nothing seems to go quite right, and when you finally achieve something great it still doesn’t seem like enough or something else sends you into panic and doubt.

After dealing with undercutting companies with £5 logos and battling the quicksand that is Instagram, which does a good old job of knocking confidence to begin with….I then moved on to new stock planning. When you’ve had a bad day, with a few confidence knocks it is not the day to be critical and deeply considerate of your stock ideas and design work. I really should have known better.

But after a great planning session for upcoming events, giveaways and other exciting updates I felt inspired to get some special summer stock ordered. This seemed like a great idea and it started that way.

Item one selected, design chosen…feeling great!

Item two, debated a few times, decided it’s a great summer addition…feel even more excited!

Item three (should have stopped while I was ahead)…happened across this item, it could be amazing, could be a hit! I have a great idea, I open the design in mind…now i’m not sure. I go back and forth (what feels like 100 times) and end on yes, they’d be a good idea. But they’re quite an investment, but an investment that will pay off? Yes, I think so…as long as they’re marketed right.

And we’ve gone full circle. Market it right is the key. But today Instagram was such a hit to my confidence, it was a bad interaction day. These days always lead me to debate what i’m doing, what I want it to be, what I want to be sharing and creating. Such a simple confidence knock can have such an influence, it’s like a ripple effect. Suddenly it’s in the back of your mind at every step, influence every decisions.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 01.36.22

It’s moments like this that I realise just how vitally important a support system is. It’s my friends giving me design advice who respond to my messages of doubt with such support, uplifting comments and belief that I begin to come back around. Who support my decisions and provide advice and insight from another point of view helping me bring back my confidence and motivation. Without a series of support networks I know personally I would find it so difficult to keep going day in day out, and i’m sure this is the same for many small business owners. While we may keep powering through the hard times if we were alone, it’s so much easier to find the motivation, determination and confidence to keep going when you have such incredible support.

So to each of my friends helping advise, support and motivate me during the hard times; To my family and boyfriend who deal with the stressed out moments and the long hours and busy schedules; To my fellow creators who unlike many industries do not compete and bring each other down but help raise each other, share kindness, love and support: Thank you. On days like today it truly makes the difference, it’s what keeps me going, what keeps me motivated.



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