4 Reasons Why Nature Inspires Us

Nature is a huge part of us. Many of us prefer natural products, and designs incorporating aspects of nature are always desired. For example, naturally sourced cosmetic products and plant-inspired tattoos, to name a couple. Plant-based diets are on the rise, aiding the preservation of our environment and protection of animals. Evidently, nature is a great influence on humanity, and what better way to celebrate this by incorporating it sustainably into our everyday lives? This poses the question of why, therefore, is nature so influential?

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  1. It’s beautiful!

So, it goes without saying that nature is good-looking. If nature was a person, it’d be up there with the great beauties of the world (Beyoncé comes to mind). Be it the sun setting over the horizon, The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls or even a budding tulip, nature is undoubtedly beautiful. How can we help but admire it with awe and wonder? In replicating and producing our own interpretations of nature, we’re spreading the unmistakable beauty it holds.



  1. It provides an escape from our urban reality

Many of us, especially those of us in cities, experience long periods of seclusion from the natural world in our day-to-day lives. We can be surrounded my man-made buildings, be it in our workplace, home or university whilst being constantly tied to our electronic devices, which, as connected as we feel socially, can exclude us from the natural world. Personally, I find that simply taking a stroll in my nearest park, or even round the surrounding countryside can greatly help produce a clear mind. Distancing yourself from the noise, chaos and bustle the urban space imposes upon us by basking in the serenity of nature really does some good. It nurtures the mind – we sometimes really need a breather.




  1. Our natural habitat!

As we all know, it wasn’t always houses, shops, and public transport. Our ancestors used to be dependent on our natural world for basic survival. They were completely in sync with the surrounding environment, relying on it as a necessity. As much as we have developed from this primal state, natural resources still need nurturing, and we are still embedded within them – and will continue to live on to be so.

And on to the final point, which gently reminds us how we’re still just as reliant on nature today.




  1. What would we be without it?

Finally, in the words of the Pope himself: “We must never forget that the natural environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of everyone” (https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/871690564483375104). We need to commemorate and care for the environment as it does for us. Without it, we wouldn’t exist! Nature is what is needed to keep us functioning, therefore why not reap the benefits of it?

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So, nature is obviously a pretty big deal! What better way to surround ourselves with all its advantages? We are compelled to express our admiration for nature through art and design and will continue to do so!


Written by Alice Stringer




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